It’s All About Words

MCSD children have been using their artistic skills to support literacy through this special event for eleven years.

They are given a canvas with the following instructions:

  1. Pick a favorite word or phrase
  2. Paint the canvas to express that word or phrase

These works of art are displayed in the Columbus Public Library for the month of November to help promote the importance of children having a strong vocabulary. There is a contest for the canvases, not for artistic talent, but for those best expressing the student’s interpretation of the word(s).

We hope to fill the wall with these beautiful pieces. We will accept more than one piece from a school. One canvas is provided. Additional canvases will be available while they last.

Artwork will be displayed the month of November in the Aflac Children’s Library 3000 Macon Rd

  • Dates:
    • Oct 19 – Artwork and permission slips to Arts and Humanities office
    • Nov 6 – Reception at 5:15 with Art / 5:30 pm in the Auditorium at the Library
    • Nov 30 – Canvases may be picked from the Library
  • If you wish to have more than one student participate please let us know.
  • We are happy to post an “Artist’s Statement” if one is emailed to us.
  • Pieces are not judged solely on artistic skills. We look at how the image content reflects the word or phrase selected by the student.


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For Teachers

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