30th anniversary coming soon

The Literacy Alliance will turn 30 next year! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements as we celebrate our legacy and plan for the future. The world is a different place now than it was in 1990. Literacy is still as much of a challenge now as it was then, but the ways that it affects us has changed. Literacy Alliance is committed to planning ahead to ensure that our mission is always affective, no matter what year it is.

Sign up for Trivia Bee 2019

Trivia Bee 2019 will be held on Tuesday, February 26 at the Cunningham Center in Columbus State University. Join us for a fun night of trivia and costumes as we celebrate our successes and allow the community to learn more about our purpose and programs!

You can sponsor a team starting with a $200 donation, or buy tickets to attend the event for $15 each.

Muscogee County School District 2018 SAT Composite Score Surpasses National Average

This is great news! You can read more on the MSCD website.

Columbus, GA-The Muscogee County School District 2018 SAT results were recently released in an announcement by the Georgia Department of Education. The results mark improvements in the District’s composite and reading and writing scores. The District’s reading and writing scores exceeded both the state and national averages for the first time. In addition, the District noted an increase in the number of test takers year-to-date.

This is the second year’s results of the newest version of the SAT revised in 2017. The redesigned SAT features items to test higher-level logic and reasoning skills in reading, writing and math and a different scoring scale from previous versions.

Each year there is a different cohort of students who take the SAT, which makes it difficult to draw a comparison from one year to the next. In addition, results are contingent upon the level of coursework students pursue prior to the test administration. Since the SAT and American College Testing (ACT) allow students to sit for the exam regardless of coursework, results can vary from year to year.