About Us

The Literacy Alliance is a non-profit organization based out of Columbus, GA. Our programs reach a wide variety of people, but they are all focused on one message: increasing literacy levels.


Whether you have $1, $10, or $1,000, it all goes to help us in our  mission to spread literacy in the Chattahoochee Valley.

Tools for Students, Parents, & Teachers

Whether you’re a parent, a K-12 student, a GED student, or you just want to improve your literacy skills, then there should be something here to help you.

Latest News

Landlines are temporarily down

Due to office relocation our land lines will be down for several weeks. Please email Director@theliteracyalliance.org or Volunteer@theliteracyalliance.org. Thanks for your patience.

Featured resource: Early Moments

Early moments provides affordable books for children from birth to age five. Right now, you can order four Dr. Seuss books for the price of one, and shipping is free!

Featured Resource: Comic Phonics

Comic Phonics is a website with resources and advice for teachers and parents. It features comics that teach phonics, but also blog posts with practical tips on how to effectively teach children. The goal is that all of its resources…

First 2000 Days

Why are the first 2,000 days so critical? There are only 2,000 days between the time a baby is born and when he or she will begin kindergarten. During that time, brain architecture is forming. The brain is not fully developed at birth….

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Cold Hard Facts

Economic security, access to health care, the ability to support the students and their families and the ability to actively participate in civic life all depends on an individual’s ability to read.

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